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I have been presenting a radio show on Riviera.FM for around four years now, two hours of jazz and world music. Until April the station was online only, but we were successful in our bid for a community radio station FM licence and, we can now be found also on 107.9 fm in and around Torbay, Devon.

Riviera.FM’s arrival on the fm band coincided with the arrival of the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown, which meant presenters having to record their show from home and upload to the studios server for later broadcast. It also meant that only those presenters with their own microphones and other equipment could still present their shows. The remaining presenters took up the vacant slots on the schedule, which is how I came to have two shows a week, Sunday evening between 7 and 9 and Tuesday evening between 8 and 10.

If two hours of jazz and world music appeals to you then do tune in to the show.

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