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Previous concerts from Fougou Music

Live music acts that have appeared at  Fougou Music over the years. Click on the link for more details.

September 2023 Dean Stockdale Quartet

September 2023 Samia Malik

August 2023 Alex Voysey Trio

July 2023  The Drat Pack Three

July 2023  Andrew Baker Quartet

June 2023 Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

June 2023  Martin Dale with Steve Dow

May 2003 Jesse Molins & Neil Burns Quartet

May 2023 Alex Hart

May 2023 Annika Skoogh Trio

May 2023 Pete Oxley & Nicholas Meier

April 2023 Gaz Hughes Trio

April 2023 Jesse Molins & Kevin Sanders

April 2023 Azhaar Saffar & Global Wave

March 2023 Charged Particles ft. Tod Dickow

March 2023 Tommaso Starace Trio

February 2023 Kieron Garrett Quartet

November 2022 Day, Evans, Dale Ensemble

November 2022 Karen Sharp Quintet

October 2022 Neil Maya Jazz Funk Emporium

October 2022 Billy Pod Trio

October 2022 Daniel Karlsson Trio

September 2022 Lunar Octet

September 2022 Annika Skoogh + The Craig Milverton Quartet

July 2022 Kate Westbrook & The Granite Band

June2022 Some Kinda Wonderful ft: Derek Nash/Noel McCalla Band

June 2022  The Westbrook Quartet

May 2022 Hugh Pascall Quartet

May 2022 Guido Spannocchi Trio

April 2022 Shirley Smart Trio

April 2022  Harry Christelis & Pedro Velasco

March 2022 Jonathan Gee with Marcus Vergette

February 2022 Martin Dale Quartet ft. Derek Nash

December 2021 Tom Ollendorff Trio

November 2021 Salute to Humphrey Lyttelton

November 2021 Orpheus

October 2021 Wendy Kirkland & Pat Sprakes Latin Lowdown Live Sextet ft. Roger Beaujolais

September 2021 Jim Rattigan

September 2021 Brass Monkeys

March 2020 Hopkins-Hammond Trio

February 2020 The Sound of BlueNote

February 2020 Nick Maclean Quartet ft. Brownman Ali

February 2020 Martin Dale Quartet ft. Derek Nash

December 2019 Beverley Beirne

December 2019 Mike Westbrook’s Uncommon Orchestra

December 2019 ISQ

November 2019 Daniel Karlsson Trio

November 2019 Wendy Kirkland Quartet

October 2019 John Pearce Quartet

September 2019 Shirley Smart Trio

September 2019 Andy Hague Quintet

August 2019 Mike Westbrook’s Uncommon Orchestra

July 2019 Esther Bennett & Hannah Horton

July 2019  Tori Freestone Trio

June 2019  Just Stephen (Steve Marshall)

June 2019 Allison Adams Tucker

June 2019 Azhaar Saffar & Global Wave

May 2019 Chris Hodgkins International Quartet

May 2019 Talinka

April 2019 Biophosmos: The Music of Chick Corea

April 2019 Henry Lowther’s Still Waters

March 2019 Pete Oxley & Nicholas Meier

March 2019 We Are Leif

February 2019  Neil Maya Quartet

February 2019  Mario Bakuna & Edmundo Carneiro

January 2019  Sarah Gillespie

December 2018 Julien Marga Quartet

November 2018 Philip Clouts Trio

October 2018 Satori

October 2018 Annika Skoogh’s Orpheus

September 2018 Julian Costello Quartet

September 2018 Paul McCandless & Charged Particles

June2018  Maciek Pysz and Gianluca Corona

June 2018 Allison Adams Tucker

June2018 Freddie Gavita Quartet

June 2018 Samuel Eagles’ Spirit

May 2018 Andy Nowak Trio

May 2018 Westbrook & Co. Mike Westbrook & Company performing Paintbox Jane

April 2018 Sam Massey Ensemble with special guest Tom Green on trombone

April 2018 Matthew Read Trio

March 2018 Pete Canter’s Sky Ensemble

February 2018 Bahla

February 2018 La Vie En Rose

January 2018 Blazing Flame Quintet

January 2018 Craig Milverton Trio

December 2017 Fabio Lepore Jazz Quintet

November 2017 Sunsplash Quartet

November 2017 Munjenta Cafe

October 2017  Jam Experiment

September 2017 Andy Hague + Neil Maya Quartet

September 2017 Becca Langsford & Vince Lee

August 2017 Old Hat Jazz Band

August 2017 Allison Adams Tucker

July 2017 Sue Richardson

July 2017 A/B Trio

June 2017 Will Barnes Trio

June 2017 Ensemble Baklava

May 2017 Joy Ellis Quartet

April 2017 Big Bad Wolf

April 2017 Joanna Cooke

March 2017 The Sam Massey Quintet

February 2017 La Vie En Rose

January 2017  Annika Skoogh Quartet

December 2016 Louise Parker Quartet – Nina Simone Tribute

October 2016 Tassos Spiliotopoulos Quartet

September 2016  The Rosanna Brandi Quartet

August 2016  The Corrie Dick Quintet

July 2016 Neil Maya Quartet ft. Matt Carter – The Brubeck Project.

May 2016 Sirkis/Bialas International Quartet.