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Neil Maya Quartet 1959 The Golden Year of Jazz

Wednesday 20 February 2019 8.30pm


Neil Maya saxophonist

Neil Maya Quartet 1959: The Golden Year of Jazz

1959 was arguably the most creative year in all of jazz history, with many of the tunes we now consider to be jazz classics appearing around this time. 1959 saw record releases from artists such as Miles Davis – Kind of Blue, Charles MingusMingus Ah UmDave BrubeckTime OutOrnette ColmanThe Shape of Jazz to Come, John ColtraneGiant Steps. Many would consider just these albums, to be the centre of any worthwhile jazz collection and all helping to define jazz for years to come.

This project from the Neil Maya Quartet will celebrate the jazz from this extraordinary year so expect to hear tunes like All Blues, So What by Miles Davis, Take Five, Blue Rondo Ala Turk, from the Dave Brubeck Quartet, Giant Steps by John Coltrane, Chega De Saudade by Jobim and Fables of Faubus by Mingus.

With Neil (alto and tenor sax) will be Gav Martin – piano, Kev Sanders – double bass and Coach York – drums.