Munjenta Cafe

Wednesday 1 November 2017


Charlie Hearnshaw’s Munjenta Café Latin Jazz Quintet play tunes composed by Charlie alongside Bossa Nova, Tango, Samba, Swing & French chansons.

The name “Munjenta Café” name is taken from a bossa nova that Charlie learned in Paris from a Venezuelan clarinet player in the early eighties. It means “The Coffee Grinder”.

In the mid-eighties, Charlie lived briefly in Paris where he hand copied scores of some fairly obscure latin american tunes (bossa nova, samba, choro) that he played with some of the excellent musicians he met on his travels.

When he got back to Devon he used some of those tunes, alongside his own compositions, as the initial repertoire for his new latin jazz band, Munjenta Cafe.

Line-up: Charlie Hearnshaw – clarinet, alto clarinet, alto sax & piano, Maxine Green – guitar, vocals, percussion, Mike Thorn – double bass, Steve Crossen –  drums congas & percussion, Gaëlle Hammond – bongoes & percussion


Listen – Munjenta Cafe Latin Jazz Quintet live recording September 2017