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Mario Bakuna and Edmundo Carneiro

Wednesday 6 February 2019


Mario Bakuna and Edmundo Carneiro

Mario Bakuna, Brazilian musician, arranger and composer and Edmundo Carneiro a renowned Brazilian percussionist have just recorded their new album – “Where Rio de Janeiro meets Bahia”. It is a journey to Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace of Bossa Nova, and Bahia, the city that best represents the powerful African influence in Brazilian music.

The album recorded in Paris brings, in the core of its research, the Afro-Brazilian rhythms from ‘Recôncavo baiano’ as well as the charm and subtlety of bossa nova. The album is a journey through the landscapes of Dori Caymmi, the finesse of Tom Jobim, and the poetry of Caetano Veloso. In the show ‘Where Rio de Janeiro meets Bahia’, Mario and Edmundo promise to transport the audience to a place where the real and the imaginary are experienced and enhanced by poetry and music.

Mario Bakuna is a London-based Brazilian composer, singer and guitar player. In addition to developing new arrangements of music by enshrined Brazilian artists as Tom Jobim, Paulo Moura, and João Donato, in recent years he has been focussing on reinterpretations of Samba Jazz – a music that emerged in Rio de Janeiro in the 50s and was pioneered by musicians like Luiz Eça, Tamba Trio, Edson Machado, among others. Their repertoire was based on Brazilian standards with more sophisticated harmonies, inspired on the post-Bossa Nova movement.

Edmundo Carneiro is a Brazilian percussionist very much of his own style. Based in Paris for over 30 years, Edmundo has toured over 66 countries and worked with international music figures such as Baden Powell, Tânia Maria, Steve Gadd, Ana de Hollanda, Rosinha de Valençia, Antony Jackson, Monica Passos, Chucho Valdes. Edmundo has also worked successfully in electronic music by collaborating with several artists and DJs such as Saint-Germain, Next Evidence, Bob Sinclar, Schazz, Rive gauche, Charles Schilling, Stéphane Pompougnac.