Fabio Lepore Jazz Quintet

Sunday 3 December 2017

Fabio Lepore


Italian vocalist Fabio Lepore last performed in the Southwest at the beginning of 2016 and was something of a revelation, with a tremendous range and the ability to deliver fast be-bop lines with great clarity alongside a superb tone on the more relaxed material. Fabio is one of Italy’s top jazz vocalists, and has toured in over forty countries worldwide. He’s travelling over for this UK visit with Eastman Guitars artist Dino Plasmati, and they are joined by two Italian ex-pats living over here, alto saxophonist Carlo Fraccalvieri, a very fine player based over in Cardiff and Pasquale Votino on bass, with Eddie Jones West completing the band on drums. The project covers 80 years of rich and diverse Italian music revisiting some of the songs that have defined the Italian scene.




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