Ensemble Baklava

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Ensemble Baklava

With a unique combination of instruments, Ensemble Baklava blends the sounds of the oud, bouzouki, concertina, bagpipes, Middle Eastern percussion, mandolin, baglama, spiked fiddle, guitar, tin whistle and voices to bring evocative, stirring and lively music and song from the Mediterranean region, both contemporary and ancient.

United by a love of Mediterranean music, Russell Harris, Nick Millington, Howard Frey and Julia Thomas perform Turkish, rembetiko, sephardic, Egyptian, Spanish, Italian, medieval and traditional music melded with improvisation and original material.

“Sounds from across the ages, time and space. Half forgotten memories of lost worlds invade the mind. The pictures change, images are evoked…of a medieval pilgrimage, the lament of a troubadour for his love in a walled garden. Shimmering scenes emerge from under the hot sun. The percussion entrances the swaying image of a veiled dancer. Greek taverna, Turkish fasil, taximi…..musical images fuse and separate…“

“Beautiful, haunting, timeless melodies”
“Virtuoso performances on authentic instruments”
“Very uplifting, energetic, original and warm”
“I knew it would be a good gig but I didn’t realise how good.”
“…Thank You – your music is passion!”