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Biophosmos: The Music of Chick Corea

Wednesday 24 April 2019 8.30pm Churston Golf Club

For music to live and breathe it needs to evolve with its environment. As technology continues to evolve the worlds of acoustic and electronic sound manipulation become ever more fluid. Biophosmos: The Music of Chick Corea is both tribute and a re-imagining of some Chick Corea’s greatest compositions through a modern lens played by the Al Swainger Q*tet
Performing a selection of Chick Corea’s best loved tunes given a special twist. Latin America meets Ambient Electronica with a Funky detour. Mix Chick Corea with Radiohead in a blender then use the resulting cocktail to write film music and you might get something a little like this…“..the birth of a new layer of fusion… live sound design and live soundscape composition…beautifully and artfully intermixed with straight ahead jazz and improvisational mastery”
​Biophosmos is a four piece jazz ensemble featuring extensive use of modern technology to take the artform in a unique and daring new direction.

Line-up:​​Al Swainger – Bass, FX & Ableton / Jon Clark – Drums, Tom Berge – Keys / Joe Northwood – Sax & FX