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Chris Hodgkins International Quartet live at Fougou Jazz May 2019

Fougou Jazz club for the best
live jazz in South Devon

Fougou Jazz, formerly SpeakeasyTorquay, is an independent jazz club, promoting live music and featuring some of the best contemporary live jazz and occaisonally blues available, supporting local, regional and touring UK and international artists.

From September 2018 we have been based at Churston Golf Club, providing a relaxed and a friendly atmosphere with excellent acoustics. We give you the chance to be up close and personal with the musicians. You can see every note being played and hear and experience every subtle nuance of the live music performance.

Fougou Jazz provides a varied and exciting programme of live music with concerts of the best modern and contemporary jazz, mostly, but not always, on a Wednesday evening. The comfortable surroundings also have an excellent bar to compliment the superb live music.

Artists that have already appeared at Fougou Jazz include Paul Mccandless, Mike Westbrook, Henry Lowther’s Still WatersAsaf Sirkis (Israel), Sue Richardson, Corrie Dick, Allison Adams Tucker (USA) twice, A/B Trio (Canada), Fabio Lepore (Italy), Tassos Spiliotopoulos (Greece), Big Bad Wolf and Jam Experiment to name just a few.

Live music from a live band is something to be supported, to provide a vibrant live music scene locally. So do come along and listen to some of the best live contemporary jazz near you, in Torquay, Devon and the Southwest, at Fougou Jazz. Our future line up of concerts can be found here. Past appearances can be seen here.

Live music at its very best.